Nick Stedman

Hello. I'm a creative technologist in Toronto. I develop code, and custom hardware, with a focus on embedded systems and robotics. I do this for clients, and for my own ventures. I love the hands-on work, the problem solving, the ideas, and the outcomes. This page connects you to my various projects. Get in touch.


I document recent projects on It's the best place to see what I've been up to lately.

Moti, a smart servo

Moti has consumed most of my spare time over the past few years. It's a versatile robotic building block for Makers. In addition to the link above, there are detailed project logs on Hackaday.


I have a YouTube channel where I show work in progress, including the small victories, and the problems I encounter along the way.


Here's an older site documenting my art projects from a few years ago. Overlaps some with Hackaday.


I teach part-time at several universities in Toronto. Check out the linked page as an example course.


And here's my resumé.