Nick Stedman

I design electronic tools and interactive exhibits for creative industries. In 15 years, I've developed many projects, including light sculptures, trade-show installations, animatronic window displays, wireless circuits, and robots. You can often find me writing software for embedded systems (eg. Arduino), designing circuit boards, or modeling custom enclosures to 3d print.

I teach part-time at Ryerson University, and have taught at several other schools as well. Courses include Experience Design, Inclusive Design, Interactive Installation, Physical Computing, and New Media Art. My goal is to help students develop into insightful, connected, and technically-skilled creatives.

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I document recent projects on It's the best place to see what I've been up to lately.

Moti, a smart servo

Moti has consumed most of my time over the past few years. It's a versatile robotic building block for Makers. In addition to the link above, there are detailed project logs on Hackaday.


I have a YouTube channel where I show work in progress, including the small victories, and the problems I encounter along the way.


Here's an older site documenting my art projects from a few years ago. Overlaps some with Hackaday.


Check out the linked page to see my most recent course.


And here's my resumé.