I am working to release a version of adb called SnakeThing. Please visit for more info.

For over a decade, I've been designing and building devices which enhance social and cultural activities. These have ranged from machines to interactive installations to performance technology to websites and software. I work with electronic and mechanical technology, programming computers, and fabricating physical forms. Since 2001, I have increasingly focused on robots which physically interact with people. My goal here is to build machines which appear to be alive in some capacity. Once built, these devices are enacted in galleries, festivals or other public forums where people have the chance to explore them at their will.

I live in Toronto where I work on these projects for myself, and for others as a contractor. My projects have been shown in Canada, and abroad, some highlights of which include ISEA2004, Future Physical, Artbots, and Ars Electronica. I also teach when possible. In 2008, I completed an MFA in media study at the University at Buffalo. Prior to that, I managed the studio and developed workshops at InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, and worked at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

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